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Stealth Gray Parts & LR/SR Ranger Plates

Stealth Gray Parts & LR/SR Ranger Plates from Magpul

Magpul up your Rifle or Shotgun! Available NOW: Shotgun Furniture and the majority of stocks, grips, and hand guards are now shipping in Stealth Gray. Now available from dealers & distributors!


Magpul Stealth Gray

The Magpul PMAG LR/SR GEN M3 Ranger Plate is a floorplate replacement for the 7.62×51 PMAG LR/SR GEN M3 magazines that incorporates an integral loop similar to the original Magpul USGI Ranger.

PMAG GEN M3 Ranger Plate


When installed on the base of a the magazine, the PMAG Ranger Plate provides unsurpassed speed and control during high stress, tactical magazine changes.

PMAG GEN M3 Ranger Plate

MSRP $14.95 Made in the U.S.A.

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Magpul was founded in 99 with the intent of developing a simple device to aid in the manipulation of rifle magazines while reloading under stress. Their customer base encompasses a broad spectrum of users; from hobbyists and target shooters to the most specialized and highly trained military units in the world. Their goal is to design equipment with form, fit, and function far superior to that of “standard issue” gear. They want to give you an unfair advantage!