Magpul Dynamics is now Magpul Core!

More news from Magpul Industries Corp., Magpul Dynamics is now Magpul CORE. The name change reflects the divisions new focus expanding into a larger R&D role in development of new projects and training systems. Learn more below.


magpul core


Today’s release is not about product, although we have more of that for you next week. We thought we’d take you into the weekend with something to set the overall tone for 2015 from the source of this week’s videos. With the change in faces and focus in our product and training crew over the past few years, we thought we’d make it official. Magpul Dynamics is now Magpul Core. The staff of Magpul Core will be sharing the “Core” of what we are and the foundational principles of Magpul in various projects throughout the year. For more information visit and follow us on FB and IG, where there will be much more to come.


Magpul CORE 2015 intro



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