Run to your “Safe Space”. Magpul introduces Microaggression T-Shirts.

Truth shouldn’t be considered aggressive, micro or not. Facing reality is the best self motivator there is and are the basis for a new series of T-Shirts. We all suffer from stupid from time to time, in fact if you don’t recognize it you can’t fix it. Stupid should get your attention, stupid should hurt.


The Megablend T-shirt, in a similar weight to our Fine Cotton model, offers a more athletic look and feel, with its soft breathable blend of 50% cotton, 38% Poly, and 12% Rayon. Preshrunk and constructed with Magpul’s own Cut-N-Sew pattern engineering, this tough T will hold up to plenty of abuse and repeated wash cycles. We finish it off with our own rib collar and custom neck tape.

Suck Less  – Do you want to be better and do better? Then don’t be afraid to tell yourself and anyone else the score, because there’s not a trophy for every one, but if you want it, you should suck less.


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