Magpul is currently shipping the Magpul Rail Cover Type 1 for the M-LOK Slot System to authorized retailers worldwide.

Magpul Mlok Rail Covers type1-2

M-LOK Type 1 Rail Covers are low-profile and light weight covers that install directly onto M-LOK compatible systems. Made of an extremely heat resistant flexible material, these covers offer an enhanced gripping surface.

Magpul Mlok Rail Covers type1-3


At 9.5” in length they cover six full M-LOK slots but can be cut for customized length or to combine colors. Includes two Covers per package.

Magpul Mlok Rail Covers type1-4


  • Compatible with all M-LOK systems
  • Non orientation specific – no up/down, left/right, front/back orientation
  • Low profile and light weight
  • Made of an extremely heat resistant material
  • Enhanced gripping surface

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