The new Magpul – Happy Claymore is a better solution to carry, emplace and recover M18A1 Claymore Mines.

The “Happy Claymore” Bag is a product with a very legitimate purpose that tries not to take itself too seriously. This bag is designed for carriage and employment of the M18A1 Claymore Mine in situations where the mine is frequently stowed and redeployed, such as when setting up and breaking down patrol bases, ambushes, or other non-static or temporary emplacements.

Magpul Happy Claymore Bag 2

The Happy Claymore combines the features of a miniature rope bag for quickly gathering and neatly stowing the firing wire with purpose designed compartments for the mine, firing device, and all accessories, plus a pocket for an emplacement sketch for efficient watch turnover.

Magpul Happy Claymore Bag

When we built the prototypes for this bag, we couldn’t help but see some humor in the button-closure of the mine pouch, and the “happy” jagged smile was added to complete the effect. Suitable for numerous other uses if you don’t happen to use Claymores frequently, but ideal for placing a “smile” towards the enemy.


  • 1000 denier CORDURA® exterior construction
  • Orange interior for visibility, can be inverted to use as a signaling device
  • M18A1 mine pouch with pen/stake loops and employment card pocket
  • Magpul Slot Button and cordloc closures for noise discipline and easy access
  • Anti-static cap pocket for safe cap transport
  • Firing wire collection tarp features NVG visible trim for easier night usage and printed “instructions”
  • Nylon PALS webbing, grab handles, and mounting loops for mounting or clipping to packs or gear
  • Drainage grommet for maritime or wet weather use

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