Madbull Airsoft


The Madbull Standard Cylinder Set has all the necessary parts to upgrade or replace the cylinder assembly in your gearbox. The Cylinder Set includes a cylinder head, air seal nozzle, Madbull Alien green PX piston, the cylinder, and a polycarbonate mushroom piston head w/ bearings.


madbull cylinder

The Cylinder set is compatible with most major brands of AEG. Take your standard gearbox to the next level of performance with the Madbull upgraded cylinder set. It is a must have for a high quality build.

Package include:

  • Cylinder
  • PX02 Full Teeth Piston
  • Cylinder head
  • Nozzle
  • Mushroom Piston head
  • Bearings


  • High volume air intake
  • Madbull Alien green full metal teeth piston
  • Mushroom Piston head
  • Light weight durable construction
  • Max compression
Madbull MKT