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Madbull Airsoft releases the Noveske KX5 flash supressor,officially licensed by Noveske.

Madbull KX5-Flyer

MadBull Airsoft, working alongside with Noveske, is proud to present to you the KX5 Airsoft Dummy flash supressor. The Kx5 Airsoft Dummy compensator is unique because of its quick detach mechanism that is true to the real steel version’s form, factor, and functions. Madbull Airsoft Noveske KX5 Flash Hider is made for barrels with 14mm CCW threads. Officially licensed by Noveske. The Madbull Airsoft version is made out of anodized aluminum for a more serious feel and appearance.

Madbull KX5-4


– Anodized aluminum construction
– Slim Design allowing proper fitting under most hand guards
– 14mm CCW threads
– Durable feel and appearance

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