Madbull Licensed Noveske NSR Handguard Now Available in Grey Colour.


Madbull is pleased to announce the release of ultra light-weight, ergonomic Noveske NSR handguard for the airsoft market! The NSR was designed with the goal of being the lightest and smallest free floating forend. The KeyMod system offers a mounting platform for a variety of (future) accessories and components. The future of the direct mountable accessory is here and now. The KeyMod self-contained components/mounting hardware index and V-block onto the platform, achieving a secured and accurate hold to the system, while separate lugs take the recoil force off the fasteners. The pass through attachment method eliminates the need for loose screws and backing plates that can easily be lost, or difficult to install. The Noveske NSR is the next evolution in rail section technology, don’t get left behind!

Madbull Noveske NSR handguard grey


  • Keymod system for variety of accessories.
  • Ultra light weight rail system.
  • Ergonomically slim and sleek.
  • Smooth textured matte black finish.
  • Component placement at eight different angles.
  • User friendly mounting Keymod accessories.

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