Now available – LV119 Covert Low Profile Carrier

Spiritus Systems just launched their NEW LV119 Covert Plate Carrier for those who need hard plates in the lowest profile the company has to offer.

The LV119 Plate Carrier System was designed to be a scalable and highly configurable plate carrier platform. The system will offer accessories ranging from Covert Low Visibility Operations, to High Threat Direct Action Raids.

LV119 Covert

They designed the system to be issued in entirety to operators who can then select the desired configuration to meet their mission requirements. Accessories that will be released will include, O V E R T Plate bags, Back Panels, Placards, Side Plate Support, Molle Cummerbunds, Maritime Support, Tubes and much more.


All parts and accessories will be interchangeable throughout the series.

Available camo:

Plate Fitment- The carrier was designed to snuggly fit United States Standard Issue SAPI cut plates. The bags were built to accommodate “thicker” plates but they will not fit plates that are NOT cut to the SAPI Spec.

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