Now available | The LV Placard – 5.56

The LV Placard was designed to give users superior retention of magazines and other mission critical equipment Spiritus Systems say.

The usage of elastic creates form fitting cells that can hold a variety different items. The stretchy nature of elastic allows it to expand to accommodate large or oddly shaped pieces of equipment.

LV Placard - 5.56

Unlike other elastic pouches on the market, they utilize webbing at the base of the system instead of sewing it completely shut. This allows for maximum flex and articulation  and assists in eliminating the “birthing” effect  (this is where items begin to be pushed out of the pouch because the elastic tapers at the bottom).

They have also added laminate loops on the outside of each cell to allow for the attachment of retention loops or to allow you to pull the pouch open to insert items more easily. The back of the placard is fully lined with hard loop velcro for a secure fitment to your plate carrier.

LV Placard - 5.56

The LV Placard is more than just a placard. Each corner has a small loop of 1″ webbing. This webbing is used to attach the included ITW Nexus hardware, turning your placard into a Nano sized chest rig.

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