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Living Proof | Thanks to Safariland Armor 1925 Police Officers lives were saved so far.

Officer Sweeney is SAVE #1704. In October 2009, her Safariland Group body armor stopped a close-range shot and saved her life. The technology in these ballistic panels is what’s critically important to the vests and the lives they protect. Look inside the technology and hear Officer Sweeney’s story and others in The Safariland Group SAVES Club®.

Officer Sweeney is Living Proof.

About the SAFARILAND GROUP Saves Club
The SAVES Club honors officers who, during the line of duty, experienced a life-threatening incident in which their Safariland Group
armor or gear contributed to saving their lives. These heroes become advocates for the law enforcement community, expressing the
importance of wearing body armor, providing safety tips derived from their own experience and serving as living proof of the Safariland Group creed: Together, We Save Lives.

Inside the Armor
This high-performance ballistic panel delivers lightweight, flexible comfort, durable Kevlar® construction and unmatched impact protection. Xtreme® armor is engineered to outperform and offers superior protection against an array of standard and special threats.

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Comfort Without Compromise
Light and flexible, Xtreme armor delivers all-condition comfort, while its Core Matrix Technology™, comprising layers of 3D infused fibers, provides maximum stopping power.

The Right Fit For Every Officer
Male and female specific panels feature a contoured, biomorphic design, with advanced perimeter stitching that enhances performance.

Performance That Defies The Elements
Heat-sealed TPU cover keeps the panel dry even in extreme conditions, helping to prevent bullet penetration, while a soft nylon shell increases comfort and durability.

Superior Impact Reduction
Tough, flexible DuPont™ Kevlar fibers disperse a bullet’s energy, diminishing impact so you can stay on top of the situation.

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