Is GORE-TEX® the ultimate material?

For some people, GORE-TEX® is like a magic word, and their expectations are accordingly high. But how does the material actually perform? Where and when is it the right choice? And last but not least – what are the limits of GORE-TEX®?

UF PRO like to take a closer look at these questions, and also investigate some alternatives to this technical textile in one of their latest blog articles.

It never rains, but it pours…?

Most of you who aren’t deterred by bad weather when it comes to outdoor activities will probably be familiar with the following scenario. It’s early spring, or maybe autumn, and you’re out and about with a medium-sized rucksack.

The temperatures are friendly for the time of year, the sun is smiling down benignly – and then suddenly the weather changes, and it clouds over.

The clouds grow darker and darker, and you hope you won’t be caught by the impending rain.

But luck isn’t on your side today, and it’s just as you feared: there you are, stuck beneath heavy black rain clouds, and the first droplets are starting to fall. So what do you do?

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