Leatherman Tools has joined forces with Tonquin Trading to present three distinct Emergency Kits to market.

For over 38 years, Leatherman Tools mission has been to prepare people for the expected and unexpected. That’s why we’ve partnered with the experts at Tonquin Trading to offer emergency kits to help you solve problems in any situation.

With over 10 years in emergency risk management, Jason Johnson founded  Tonquin Trading in 2016. His company specializes in emergency response education for local and state officials, providing emergency kits for schools and hospitality companies, and emergency resources for communities. Tonquin Trading’s commitment to preparedness and their passion to train others in emergency response makes them an amazing partner to build our Trauma, Survival, and Repair Kits.

Raptor Trauma Kit
Severe injuries occur when you least expect it, so be ready to help with the Trauma Kit. Packed with life-saving equipment like a chest seal, SAM XT Tourniquet, cloth tape and more, this kit provides the essentials in an emergency situation. Included is the Leatherman Raptor® which features robust folding shears, ring cutter, strap cutter, glass breaker, and oxygen tank wrench. Be ready to help with the Trauma Kit from Leatherman and TONQUIN TRADING.

Signal Survival Kit
Be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. The Survival Kit from Leatherman and TONQUIN TRADING has been specifically designed for unexpected moments in the outdoors. From easy-to-use fire starters, water filter, paracord, thermal blanket and more, this kit provides you with the essentials to stay warm, keep dry, and hydrated. Paired with the kit is the Leatherman Signal®, built with the outdoors in mind. Be ready for any adventure with the Survival Kit.

Wave Plus Repair Kit
Problem-solving made simple with the Repair Kit from Leatherman & TONQUIN TRADING. Built for unexpected roadside fixes, the Repair Kit has zip ties, Forj® thermoplastic tape, 19 gauge wire, patches, and more. Along with essential gear for repairs, this kit comes with Leatherman’s best-selling multipurpose tool, the Wave® Plus. With 18 tools packed into the Wave® Plus, the Repair Kit from Leatherman and TONQUIN TRADING will keep you prepared when the unexpected happens.

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