Leading Edge Ventures partners with LBTINC, the All In, All The Time Foundation and Princeton Tec to bring you the Re-Purposed Project.

The RP Project up-cycles veteran Special Operations Forces uniforms and bags into new soft goods for every day use. Most of us are aware that great sacrifices have been made by our nations finest in the ongoing War on Terror. As open conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan winds down it will be important for us at home to not forget of the sacrifices of the past as well remember that many men and women will leave the comfort of their homes to defend our nation and our freedoms in far away places often under hostile conditions.


In combat our troops (also known as “Operators”) must carry the load of their equipment, and they have done so in uniform pockets, rucksacks, three-day packs, load-out bags, and others. These uniforms and bags live the journey of the soldier, showing the fatigue of travel, the stress of training and ultimately the blood, sweat, and tears of war. Many of these bags remain with the soldier after their tour of duty as they are personal items, their diminished (often patched and repaired) hulks remaining for private use, or a occupying a quiet space in a closet, garage or old foot locker. Our special forces and intelligence community heroes continue to serve in the most dangerous assignments and now you can carry a piece of this very special service with you. With RP, we want to bring the bags, uniforms and the stories they carry, back to life.


The initial lines for the RP program will a universal tote bag designed for everyday use, a ball-cap and a limited edition RP T-Shirt. Each item will have a section of a veteran Special Forces material sewn into its internal architecture. The ritual of the RP articles will include three main components.


1) The thoughtful return of veteran materials into a new bag/shirt/hat, 2) The installation of the RP Plaque – A small nylon label affixed to the inside of the bag which identifies the branch of service and area of responsibility (AOR) where the veteran material served (With the hats and T-Shirts the RP Plaque will be an identifier card with an authintic military Tyvek label attached to a certificate that is designed to be proudly displayed in a frame, on your wall…etc…) and 3) A process of Identity, where the new owner of the pack/shirt/hat is Identified from afar (visual recognition of the items) or in the case of the tote bag – from the near when the RP owner opens his bag and displays the Veteran DNA contained within. The continual process of discovery, storytelling, and sharing which should perpetuate the social aspects of the bag. This social aspect is a very important part of the RP Program. Not only do you have an item to wear or carry, you have a story to share with others to help perpetuate the hard tasks accomplished by those who defend our freedoms!!! Although each veteran component will be different, the story that is told visually by rips, repaired spots, and possibly damage from bullets, shrapnel, and other combat debris will make each bag unique and demand respectful care from its owner.

To find out more and support this project please visit their Kickstarter Campaign >>> http://kck.st/1x36k9X