Overview | LCT PKP AEG by RedWolf Airsoft

Have airsoft manufacturer LCT Airsoft gone too far and created a monster with the PKP AEG? Find it out in this episode of RWTV as Marck guides you through it!!


The airsoft version of this gun is a faithful reproduction of the machine gun. The key is LCT has designed their internals for the PKP in the same fashion as their other machine gun, the M60. Not only was the internals of the PKP well thought out, meticulous attention was paid to the external build quality. As stated, this gun is a faithful reproduction and you will be satisfied knowing that it exudes the same strong, robust, Russian aura that you would expect from a gun of this caliber, its bound to make a statement whither on the field or in your personal collection.

Grab yours >> www.redwolfairsoft.com/airsoft/LCT_PKP