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Law Tactical launches new rear sight for the AK platform that accepts Glock sight inserts in order to improve target acquisition by the operator.


The AK-47 is the most widely produced rifle, renowned for its reliability. One common complaint is accuracy. Many reference the short sight radius as a reason for poor accuracy when in reality, the sight radius is almost identical to that of the M4 carbine (the standard carbine of the US army) a weapon renowned for its accuracy.

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The problem with the standard AK sight is the distance of the sights from the eye of the shooter (eye relief). Most modern rifles have the rear sight towards the rear of the receiver, while the AK rear sight is positioned at the front of the receiver. The increased distance of the AK rear sight makes target acquisition similar to a pistol held at arms length.


  • The Law Tactical AKuracy rear sight has a dove tail allowing the user to replace the standard, small-slit rear sight with a wider pistol rear sight.
  • Maintains proper elevation adjustment and adds the ability to shift the pistol rear sight for windage adjustment.
  • Factory 9mm GLOCK® and many aftermarket 9mm GLOCK® sights can be inserted (not included).
  • CNC Machined Steel. Made in the USA.

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