Go T-Plugs and Drop Tamiya now!

Our friend Ronald from NL Airsoft and others worked hard on it and now they finally launched this initiative. Read more below and sing the petition and of course, share it with your airsoft friends too and get them in!!!

“I am proud to launch this new initiative for all Airsofters globally. After months and maybe years of preparation, it is actually going to happen! LAUNCH of the Airsoft T-Plug initiative, supported by many of our friends and partners from the industry. Continue reading what this is all about!


Today we launch airsofttplugs.com, a joint initiative from the well known Airsoft news website NLAIRSOFT.COM and Titan bringing the Li-Ion revolution to Airsoft. Our mission is to switch the Airsoft industry to T-Plug connectors so all players benefit!”

This idea has been around for over a year or more, lately at IWA 2019, this has openly discussed during the Airsoft Meetup Industry Panel. From there other manufacturers joined and talked about the need for T-Plug connectors.

Show your support and sign our online petition! Join us and help transition the Airsoft industry from Tamiya to the Airsoft T-Plug Connector.

Sign in >> https://airsofttplug.com

Learn more >> https://nlairsoft.com/playwithtplugs-airsofttplug-com