The Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG gas shotgun is now available for pre-order at Land Warrior Airsoft.

Land Warrior Airsoft Tokyo Marui Kel-Tek KSG

The long awaited Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG shotgun is soon to be released! LWA is happy to announce we will be taking pre orders for these shotguns right away! These pump action gas powered shotguns have a selectable 3 or 6 round shot option, sending bbs down 3 separate barrels.

Land Warrior Airsoft Tokyo Marui Kel-Tek KSG 2

Any metal part on the real KSG is replicated in metal on the TM version, with a metal inner frame to add strength. There are also 20mm picatinny rails on the underside of the fore grip and above the barrel for any scopes, grips, flashlights or lasers you want to slap on! The gas is stored in a removable tank (extras available on pre order) which is situated in the rear of the shotgun.

These are expected to be with us in store at the later part of September.

Land Warrior Airsoft Tokyo Marui Kel-Tek KSG 3


  • Reproduced the reality of KSG characteristic figure by real gun measurement.
  • Selectable fire type mode “3 rounds shot” or”6 rounds shot” by switching the slide switch located beneath the heat shield.
  • The tubular magazine of real gun KSG is used for spare shell holder. There are a pair of spaces horizontally inside of loading/ejection port. The spaces are connected with chamber and spare shell holder respectively.
  • Conventional shot shell magazine can be used.
  • As same as real guns, metal parts are made of aluminum die cast or zinc die cast.
  • Resin made parts are also made of resin and they have realistic texture. *The texture is not totally same as real guns. Eg. Resin made…fore end, grip, stock etc. Metal made: outer barrel, cheek piece, heat shield, upper rail etc.
  • Use inner frame made of zinc die-cast for enough strength.
  • Picatinny standard rails are attached on the top of barrel and beneath the fore end.
  • Attachable gas tank is set inside of stock.

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