You asked for it, TNVC got it…

If you´re willing to sell your organs for it, here´s your chance to do so. Now available for commercial sale!!

Hot on the heels of the commercial release of the L3Harris BNVD (AN/PVS-31A), BNVD1531, Factory M914A PVS-14 MNVDs, and the M2124LR CNVD-LR, TNVC is proud to finally announce the release of the last product in our vSHOTT lineup, the L3Harris Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (GPNVG). TNVC is a full distributor for ALL products within the L3Harris Integrated Vision Solutions portfolio, offering finished goods direct from L3Harris.

Featuring L3Harris’ improved Ruggedized Bridge design, offering greater strength and durability during rough use in the field, as well as four high performance, MIL-SPEC Unfilmed White Phosphor image intensifier tubes that combine using specialized hybrid optics to provide the end user with an umatched 97o degree field of view, as opposed to the standard 40o field of view provided by traditional binocular night vision systems.

Previously requiring approval from DoD program managers even for government agencies, by working in close cooperation with L3Harris, TNVC has been able to not only lower barriers to armed professionals with the need and means for these capabilities, but to secure exclusive commercial distribution rights to the GPNVG.