KRYTAC announced that the Prometheus EG Barrels are now available at the shop.

ABOUT: The Prometheus EG Barrels by Laylax improves your accuracy and range with Japanese precision and quality. CNC machined stainless steel construction with an enlarged hop-up window allows for improved engagement with the KRYTAC Rotary Hop-up.

Prometheus EG Barrels

The 6.03 mm bore increases accuracy and tightens groups down range. Three stabilizing grooves with o-rings ensure proper fitment and limits play between the inner and outer barrels. A deep muzzle crowning ensures even air distribution around the BB resulting in consistent and accurate shots. The Prometheus tight bore barrel is an excellent must have upgrade that is easy to install for the best competitive edge on the field.

Barrel Lengths

  • 135mm for the Alpha SDP
  • 155mm for the Trident MKI and MKII PDW
  • 280mm for the Alpha CRB, Trident MKI and MKII CRB, and Trident LMG Enhanced
  • 310mm for the LVOA-S
  • 387.5mm for the LVOA-C
  • 416mm for the Trident MKI and MKII SPR

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