Introducing | The Kit Fox Design Group – Firearms Coloring Book

The Kitfox Firearm Coloring Book started as a passion project. A year and a half ago I started illustrating firearms, and if I’ve learned anything over the course of my career as a freelance designer & illustrator, it’s that showing up every day has its rewards.

I have worked very hard developing a process to create accurate and highly detailed illustrations as fluidly as writing my name. Time consuming, yes. But well worth the end result.

Thanks to some absolutely wonderful sponsors made up of industry friends and clients, I was able to take a few weeks to dedicate to the planning, and production of approximately 27 pages of illustrations for the coloring book. It was no small task, 14-16 hour days on average, referencing hundreds of photos, and eating literally pounds of goldfish crackers. I am honored by the support I have received, and I am looking forward to how this book will positively impact the firearms industry.

As the rumor goes, coloring books are pretty therapeutic, but some of us are tired of coloring geometric shapes, or butterflies. Within the pages of this book, you will find a wide selection of firearms that I find enjoyable.

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