We are sure that you already know what kit to take to an Airsoft game day and what to expect, however for those of you who have just started or would like a reference to send to those who don’t, here it is.


Before we start talking about the specifics related to that of a day playing Airsoft, it’s worth noting the kit that would be required in relation to the environment that the skirmish game would be taking place. Any form of Woodland games would require clothing that you would normally take to keep yourself protected from the elements of the outdoors. This would include warm clothing appropriate to the weather and waterproof material in the eventuality that it could rain. In any outdoor excursion, the one element that players tend to neglect is the use of proper footwear. It is highly recommended that you use boots that support your soles on rough terrain (ankle support is a bonus).

Eye Protection

Now that we’ve covered clothing, it is time to look at what specifically addresses the Airsoft skirmisher. The first item to address will always be eye protection as there is no way you can even be on an Airsoft field without the proper eye protection. It is worth investigating what products are safest for use in Airsoft whether it be mesh or clear lenses that are being used as ANSI ratings are not the only technicalities that must be looked into finding a safe option for eye protection. Depending on the field you are going to, or the age of the player, it is recommended that face protection is considered alongside eye protection (one could also use paintball masks to cover both points).

Airsoft Gun

The next most essential part of the kit is also the most important considering the subject. An Airsoft gun that not only works but shoots within the safe limits of your Airsoft site should be one of the most thought of tools for your kit. Whether it be hire kit from the Airsoft site or legally owned by the player, it is essential to make sure that you have a working Airsoft gun and the means to use it. This would mean the use of a battery or propellant in order for the gun to work, and the ammo to be able to shoot with it. Other essentials such as the magazines for the gun would also be useful depending on whether the player uses a hi-capacity magazine or a series of mid capacity magazines.

Tactical Rig

A tactical rig is technically not an essential item, however, it is a highly recommended item of clothing that would be missed where other non-essential items such as snacks, pyrotechnics, and spare magazines are being held on the player. The use of pockets within clothing would be able to remedy that issue, however, pockets in clothing can cause saggy spots which can be uncomfortable compared to using a chest rig or belt rig to hold those items for you. It is up to the player what kind of rig they want as the purpose of these types of rigs are different and varied.

The Right Mindset

This originally was not a key focus in the essentials considering it technically isn’t a physical item that you bring with you. Having said this, having the right mindset before and during your time skirmishing, is very important and absolutely essential for a player to not only enjoy themselves but to allow for others to enjoy the game as well. So what is the right mindset to play Airsoft? Most of you would be able to guess this question, but for those of you who are slightly unsure, it is the understanding that you are playing a game of trust that is meant to encourage teamwork and a sense of disassociation from real life (immersion). Not having this mindset can lead to not enjoying yourself and in some cases can trigger behaviour that is frowned upon by the community and could lead to disrupting the nature of the game. Always remember that you are playing a game that revolves around the enjoyment of all and not just one individual.

Other Essentials

It is hard to determine what else can be considered as essential without knowing the specific purpose and requirements of each event. We do recommend certain items that may or may not be useful however are worth mentioning such as gloves and ear protection. It is quite obvious that staying hydrated and well fed is something we take for granted every day, so when going to play Airsoft, you should ensure that you do the same considering there may or may not be access to water and food in your play area. Remedy this with preparation by including food and drink in your kit essentials. Gloves and ear protection are a good form of protection, especially when handling pyrotechnics or being a reception to them. Including a backpack in your kit would be useful as well if the need for more carrying is required.

This article is addressing facts and advice that would probably seem like common sense to most, however it is worth addressing as there is there will always be someone who would benefit with such advice.