Kifaru International releases the Kifaru Garment Belt.

Made with comfortable, heavy duty Nylon webbing, these belts are svelte and mountaineering-proven to not bite in beneath a heavy pack waistbelt.

Kifaru Garment Belt

They not only look great, you can use them as lash straps. Emblazoned with Kifaru logo.


  • Coyote Brown, OD, or Black
  • Anodized 6063 aluminum featherweight, low profile buckle
  • Simple pull adjustability
  • Super secure, non-slip holding power
  • Simply cut and burn the webbing for a fine tuned fit

About Kifaru International

We can boast 20 years of pack and shelter building experience – our designer and founder, Mr. Patrick Smith founded Mountainsmith backpacks way back in 1978, and brings his expertise together with a lifetime of hunting to Kifaru. You get gear that is custom crafted to professional mountaineering standards – some of the most demanding on earth!

For example, our pack designs use the same comfortable suspensions and styling of those that have conquered Mount Everest. You’ll see that we make the most comfortable, durable and versatile hunting backpacks anywhere – with hunting specific features you won’t find elsewhere. These revolutionary hunting packs are guaranteed to be the most comfortable, durable and versatile tools you’ll own.

Kifaru Hunting Gear is crafted by a “realworld”designer and hunter who spends over half the nights of the year in the field, so Patrick Smith knows a thing or two about living off the land.

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