Hey guys,

We wanted to give our message board members first peek at the new Koala Lite we will be introducing at SHOT Show. This is a pre-production prototype that is 95% complete, with only some fine tuning before going into production. The price has not been set yet, but should be available when we get back from the show.

We have had lots of requests for a lighter and simpler Koala without all the PALS webbing, so we began working on a solution to meet those requirements. I think you’ll like what we came up with. The Koala Lite is made with 500d Cordura, and as you can see, there is no PALS webbing. We took a different approach with the ability to change out front pockets, keeping with our modularity theme. The foundation of the Koala Lite is the pistol compartment, which is the same size as on our Koala, but without the slot pocket. We kept the padding and still believe the Velcro backing for a holster is a better solution for keeping the handgun secure.

We will initially have 3 front pocket options for the Koala Lite. In the photos you will see our Flat Front Pocket, and it uses a modified Lock n Load attachment system that is very secure, yet simple to use. Check out the angled attachment points in all 4 corners along with one in the center at the top. Janice is bringing the other 2 pockets to the SHOT Show. They are a flat PALS panel that allows you to use any multitude of MOLLE pouches on the front of the Koala Lite, and a 2″ deep pocket with slot pockets, elastic, and a Chamber pocket on the inside. An Organizer pocket is planned for the future.

Instead of using compression straps, we decided to go with a bungee system, allowing you to keep items secure in the pockets and/or to lash something under the bungee, such as a windshirt or such. The cool thing about the bungee is that if you choose not to use it, you do not have to remove it, just attach any of the pockets over the top. You can also use the bungee without any pockets on the Koala Lite.

In one of the pics you will see our Handwarmer mounted on the Koala Lite. This wasn’t by design, but just pure luck that it happened to fit .

I went down and got some weights on the post office scale for you. Our standard Koala with X-Harness and Waist strap weighs 2 lbs 3.5 oz. The Koala Lite with X-Harness and Waist strap and the Flat Front Pocket weighs 1 lb 2.8 oz, fully a pound lighter. Without the front pocket, the Koala Lite weighed 1 lb even.

Now for the pics. The first one shows the Koala Lite with the Flat Front Pocket.

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