Read from Kawa Mawlayee, an ex-US Army SF operator what his top 3 UF PRO gear picks are.

Also known as 2alpha2quit, Kawa share´s his opinion on his most liked gear from UF PRO with you. As we at AMNB share the love for UF PROs clothing too, we thought it´s worth sharing this with you.

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The innovation in the design of the Striker HT Combat Pants gives them multi-purpose meaning in training and combat. The functionality of the pockets allow for you to customize your load out and spread the workload.

The knees give you several layers of comfort and protection and the ventilation system is ideal for keeping cool under hot conditions.


The Striker XT Gen 2 Combat Shirt has a sophisticated ventilation system that keeps me cool on the hottest days. In combat our body temperature rises dramatically due to the physicality and stress of the battlefield.

Overheating is a common injury soldiers often experience but the Striker XT Combat Shirt allows for airflow to where it matters most.


The Hunter Gen 2 Tactical light-shell Jacket is one of my favorite jackets to wear. Weather in colder work conditions, outdoors activities or leisure, this jacket is designed to keep you warm while optimizing function and not impeding mobility.

The Hunter Jacket is a must have for all military, law enforcement and outdoor professionals and enthusiasts.


Kawa is a retired US Army Special Forces and a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

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