UF PRO® Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater Now Available—Lightweight Garment Provides Ideal Warmth on Cool Spring Days & Nights

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (08 February 2019)—UF PRO® said today its new Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater is now available for purchase online and at the company’s brick-and-mortar retail outlet in Trzin.

The lightweight and feature-rich UF PRO® Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater is designed to keep wearers warm and dry during the damp, cooler days and nights common during early to mid-spring and again during the autumn, according to Armin Wagner, head of product development for UF PRO®, maker of advanced-technology jackets, shirts, pants, hats, caps, and accessories for military and law-enforcement units.

“This is the sweater you’ll be glad you’re wearing when you’re out in the field on a mission this March and April or later in October and November—those times of year when it’s still too cold for a combat shirt but no longer cold enough for a well-insulated jacket,” Wagner said.

According to Wagner, the UF PRO® Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater does more than provide warmth. It’s water-repellent and 100-percent windproof, so wearers can expect to stay dry under foggy, misty, or drizzly skies and shielded from the effects of blustery breezes, he indicated.

As well, body sweat that comes into contact with the sweater’s uniquely formulated, lightweight thermal lining dries so quickly that wearers may not even realize they perspired, Wagner added.

“The thermal lining is made from COCONA® Inc. 37.5™ microfleece, a 100-percent polyester fiber,” Wagner disclosed. “We chose it because of its superior performance characteristics in the kinds of situations for which the Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater is designed to be worn.”

Other fabrics are employed as well in the UF PRO® Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater. “The exterior face fabric is 100-percent polyamide,” Wagner said. “And, to boost resistance to abrasion, we reinforced the sides with 100-percent nylon mesh starting at the armpits and extending down to the waist.”

Weighing slightly more than half a kilogram, the UF PRO® Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater folds or rolls up easily and consumes exceptionally little space in a backpack, Wagner emphasized. “Its low bulk means it can be taken everywhere, which is a good idea to begin with because you never know when the weather is going to turn against you—despite what the forecasters predict,” he said.

Wagner suggested that wearers will likewise appreciate several other key features—so much in fact that they will be inclined to make the UF PRO® Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater a first-choice go-to garment this spring and autumn.

“It comes with elastic cuffs and with twice as many pockets on the upper and lower arms as you’d expect,” he relays. “There’s a top strap you can grab with your teeth to let you unzip the upper-arm pockets with just a single free hand. And over the pockets you can affix a Velcro cover that comes with a pouch exactly the right size to stow a pen or a map light.

For more information about the UF PRO® Hunter Gen.2 Tactical Sweater along with other UF PRO® tactical gear,

go to >> https://ufpro.com/products/hunter_gen2_sweater

or >> www.tripleaction.de/uf-pro-hunter-tactical-sweater-gen.2