10th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards are about to start!

The Nomination Period will kick off on the 25th of November which will end on the 29th of December 2019. The nominees will then be whittled down to the Top 5 that will then proceed to the Voting Period on the 6th of January to the 3rd of February 2020 to finally choose the winners in the 25 awards categories available.

Potential nominees, hopefully, have already prepared themselves. They can nominate themselves and enjoin others to endorse them by further nominating them in order to make it into the top 5. The prestige of being in the top 5 for some is already a win enough, but to be on top of the airsoft world as the winner in the category will be the best recognition of them all.

During the Awards process, we will be introducing something that we have been working on for months. For now, wthey can just give you a teaser of what this is, just the silhouette.

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