Didn´t got what you wanted for Christmas? Then give it away and grab you a Limitless Airframe Helmet from JC Airsoft.

With a never-ending amount of comfy padded cushions inside, left and right rail space for your handy dandy accessories, a 6-point NVG shroud, a retention mount for your goggles, and a beautifully curved exterior shell which vents heat, this helmet is ready to take you to the end of the world.


  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Shell
  • Memory Foam Padding 8 Oblong 2 Square
  • Leather H- Nape System
  • Passive Cooling in Airframe design
  • Pre-Drilled Three Hole NVG Pattern
  • Wilcox Three-Hole Shroud Mount [OEM on Team Wendy Helmets]
  • 2-Piece Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Shell provides constant ventilation with movement
  • Genuine Memory Foam padding w/ velcro attachments
  • Padded Leather Chin Cup and Nape strap
  • Wilcox 3-Hole W Shroud

Available Colors

Side note from JC: To those who have constantly requested, we are also dropping Velcro Kits and Padding Sets for our Limitless Airframes. These kits are authentic sets and can be purchased as add-ons in addition to the helmet.


Here´s a video review for you done by Robo Murray Airsoft where you can get a detailed look at the helmet. Check it out.



Grab yours >>> www.jcairsoft.com/store/Limitless_Airframe_Helmet


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