JAG Precision BBs


The NEW JAG Arms BBs are now available at your local JAG Precision dealer. Contact them today to get yours but first watch the video below.




BB Options

.20 Bio http://bit.ly/1mKTzjx
.25 Bio http://bit.ly/1mKTA72
.28 Bio http://bit.ly/1mKTzjy

.30 Heavy http://bit.ly/211Kx4r
.36 Heavy http://bit.ly/211KxS5
.40 Heavy http://bit.ly/1mKTAE5

.20 Match http://bit.ly/1mKTDzR
.25 Match http://bit.ly/1mKTFaW
.28 Match http://bit.ly/1mKTEDM

.20 Match 5K http://bit.ly/211KMfY
.25 Match 5K http://bit.ly/1mKTXyw
.28 Match 5K http://bit.ly/211KN3A


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