The absolut highlight at IWA on this saturday was the Realsword booth.

Beside the amazing new M4 GBB and SVD Dragunov GBB Sniper Rifle they presented the new Realsword Sportsline for the small budget.

More product pictures in the gallery at the end!

SPORTSLINE: Available with following Lineup: AK47, M4 Short Baby, Scorpion and AUG in August 2012. The price will be around 200$ for the AUG. So you can see it’s very cheap and the quality looks really good for this low price. The included magazine is a HighCap. The body is potmetal.

SVD GBB: The CNC made and steel forged body feels very heavy and well made. Stock and handguard are custom handmade. The reinforced bolt carrier ist very heavy and strong, it also features a steel bolt. At the prototype there was a real bufferspring built in that made it quite hard to charge. This will be changed on the production model. The Magazine is very new and innovative, because there are 2 tanks inside. That makes sure, that always the same amount of gas will be provided to the gun for ech single shot. Result:  constant FPS and good accuracy!

M4 GBB: The Rifle is made with 7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminium. This is absolutly the same material as the real one. On the release there will be 2 versions available. One with lower FPS for Japan. And also one with higher FPS for the rest of the world. The gun comes with one magazine for Green Gas. But there will also come a CO2 and  a special Mag for wintergames which preheats your gas before it’s used in the gun. This works with a battery from the special PEQ Box on the RIS. Inside the magazine are 2 tanks – one with the preheated gas! Click here for the Gallery.