Israel Defense Forces  School of Combat Fitness


This is the Official Video of The School of Combat Fitness – IDF- Israel Defense Forces. הסרטון הרשמי של בית הספר לכושר קרבי (בה״ד 8) בצה״ל – See how these man and woman train to be combat ready every time! Enjoy watching.

Israel Defense Forces – You’re going to get a direct look at how the Israel Defense Forces officers prepare and get ready so they can work to be the best armed force on the planet. Can you envision being an officer in the Israel Defense Forces? The pressure must be overpowering, with dangers to Israel originating from everywhere throughout the Middle East. Also, that is notwithstanding the consistent global judgment the Israeli armed force faces. This video demonstrates the superhuman preparing administration that the troopers experience. These warriors love Israel with a genuine enthusiasm and we are pleased to offer them our backing and support.