Silent, Strategic, Sling or S3 Sling is here!

The S3, Silent Strategic Sling, was created with simplicity and stealth in mind. However, the lightweight sling isn’t always ideal for extended carry, or for heavier weapon systems. For those that don’t mind a little extra bulk, the S3 PRO is perfect for those looking for an ultra comfortable sling.

S3 Sling PRO

Just like the original S3 Sling, the S3 Pro features silent operations, while adding a padded rear section to distribute weight. Additionally, the S3 PRO features an integrated elastic storage section ideal for tourniquet storage.

S3 Sling PRO



– Nylon webbing is 1000D.
– YKK Hamerloc buckles
– Double Stitched for added reinforcement
– Easily adjusts to be used as a two-point sling or one point sling
– Padded shoulder section for extra comfort
– Tourniquet storage


Product Spec

1000D Nylon, 3mm Spacer Mesh

8mm EVA, 8mm Foam

1″ Nylon Tubular webbing, 1” Nylon Webbing,
6” elastic webbing, 1 1/2” elastic webbing, 1” elastic webbing,

Sling includes:
4mm paracord, 1” YKK buckle, 1” YKK Ladder adjuster, 1” YKK loop, 1” YKK tri-bar adjuster.
Color: BK/CM

See how it works in this short video:

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