Meet the HSGI Grenade TACOs® and Pouches!

High Speed Gear just send in news that the company now offers Grenade TACOs® and Pouches. If you´re a fan of their pouch line, we´re sure that this suits you as well. More details below.


The Stinger TACO®
This specialty TACO® is designed to securely hold stinger/sting-ball grenades.
The four soft sides allow it to expand and collapse generously and provide an opportunity to adjust the retention.
The Duty Smoke Grenade TACO®
Our Duty line of TACOs® functions the same as the originals, but feature sleeker fronts and hidden bungee, which is woven internally.
This pouch will hold most small smoke grenades and flash bangs, 40/37mm rounds and more.
The Frag Grenade Pouch- Molle
The Modular Frag Grenade Pouch carries a single fragmentation (M67) grenade.
The flap uses a side release buckle and/or hook and loop to secure. A silencing strip is sewn in for the hook and loop to provide silent operation of the flap if needed. Designed with a spoon strap to prevent rotation.

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