NEW from MATBOCK are the Skins for Team Wendy, Ops Core Helmets & Peltor Comtac III

The Patent Pending MATBOCK Skins are a multi-layer adhesive/fabric laminate designed to give the user the ability to camouflage any surface desired.  The Skins are waterproof and oil resistant, can be reused multiple times and are certified Near IR Compliant. These Skins are designed and laser cut specifically for the following products:

Team Wendy

  • Exfil Ballistic Size 1 and 2
  • Exfil LTP size 1 and 2
  • Exfil Carbon size 1 and 2

Ops Core 

  • SENTRY Low Cut helmets in all four sizes.
  • FAST High Cut helmets in all four sizes.
  • FAST Super High Cut helmets in all four sizes.
  • ACH Low Cut helmets in all four sizes.
  • ECH Low Cut helmets in all four sizes.
  • Carbon Super High Cut helmets in all four sizes.


Peltor Comtac III Series


Due to the adhesive’s ability to bind to the MATBOCK Ghost Lite fabric very strongly, the adhesive will not come off on the opposite surface when removing and replacing. The Ghost Lite fabric is certified Near IR Compliant as well and will not tear, fray or stretch during application and removal.

For current available versions, we suggest you to visit theri website at the link below.

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