You can’t have a discussion about top tier glass without including Leupold & Stevens in the conversation.

In this installment of RECOILtv’s Made in the USA series, they bring you an American company who prides itself as being the example of superb manufacturing, right here stateside. Leupold is a multi-generational family company, and its “family” extends way beyond the name. This tight knit company is a family unto itself, with workers dedicated to the philosophy of providing customers with optics that are guaranteed to work…for life.

Born from the passions of employees who are shooters and hunters themselves, every Leupold product that is painstakingly crafted in Beaverton, Oregon reassures customers that their purchase was made not only in the US, but by someone who knows exactly what they desire. Leupold proudly supports the American military, and even pairs with top tier elite units to customize optics for those who demand rugged perfection. With some of the most coveted rifle scopes and optics in the marketplace today, Leupold stands as a testament to those companies who can proudly say their products are Made in the USA. Check this episode out, as we sit down with Leupold CEO Bruce Pettet, in order to better understand the pride instilled in every Leupold product.

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