ICS releases the Black Leopard Eye (BLE) ALPHA GBB Airsoft Pistol.

Good News! We are proud to share with you that we finally release BLE-ALPHA. The first of ICS’s all new handgun line that marks our expansion into the GBB pistol market.



The Alpha is an ICS original design, ergonomic and robust, featuring a high strength polymer frame and aluminum slide, ambidextrous magazine catch and slide release, and a trigger safety. Additionally, the ICS R&D team referred to the current models on the market to enhance the performance and quality.


After numerous testing and correction, the ALPHA pistol has pushed itself to the upmost performance to passed 10,000 testing shots without malfunction. Under the condition of full gas tank in the magazine, the ALPHA pistol can shoot about 47 shots (about two magazine capacities) without charging gas.


Besides, the ALPHA pistol adapts the upgrade precision inner barrel with 6.01mm diameter. The ALPHA pistol was tested by our technician, it can shoot about 60 meters (197 feet), the shooting range can compete with the AEG rifle or even longer than the rifle.


Though we are not the first one in GBB pistol market, we have the confidence to say the ALPHA pistol has the best quality and performance in the market. This ALPHA pistol truly carries out ICS enterprise principle, Innovation, Competition and Satisfaction.



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