Stop the bleeding! Use a TQ but do it right!

We got hooked up to a page called PrimalSurvivor, the guys over there did a great write-up about “Tourniquet” and how you have to use it the right way. So, if you want to upgrade your knowledge, be there guests and enjoy reading!

Applying a Tourniquet

We’ve all seen the movies where a wounded hero rips a piece of his t-shirt and ties it around a limb to use as a TQ.  In real life, using a TQ this way would almost certainly result in failure and death.  You need a wide TQ applied very tightly to stop limb bleeding.

Because of how misunderstood the tourniquet is, many health agencies have started campaigns about proper TQ use. This guide is our contribution to the mission.

Read on to learn about how to save a life with a tourniquet.

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