Hogue Releases New Knife for their Extreme Series, the Hogue EX-04 Folding Knife.

The EX-04 is the next step in our Extreme Series. Just like the EX-01 and EX-03, it features our button plunge lock with manual safety and integrated stainless steel bolster plates. In addition to these features, the EX-04 is designed with an ergonomic, three-dimensional, G-Mascus, G10 frame in two new colors.

Hogue EX-04 Folding Knife 2

The design of the handle makes it extremely comfortable in manipulation of both the saber grip and the icepick grip. The blade designs are engineered with performance in mind. Both the conventional upswept and modified Wharncliffe blades have dual grinds producing a striking style that holds a keen edge for ease of cutting. Our Wharncliffe design has the added feature of a belly which provides for a broader range of use. The EX-04 frame comes in G10, in G-Mascus® blue lava, G-Mascus® red lava, solid black and G-Mascus® black/gray.

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