In response to customer demand, High Speed Gear releases 2 new product combinations.

In response to customer demand, HSGI are adding 2 new product combinations to their offerings. Each combo package below will save you more than 10% over buying the products separately. Kit assembly is still required, and with their new HSGI MOLLE clips, life is so much easier.

Active Shooter Leg Rig

High Speed Gear Active Shooter Leg Rig
Perfect for your trunk, next to your car gun. By keeping our belt loops on your belt and you can add 2 rifle mags and a med kit to your leg in seconds. A Bleeder/Blowout, 2 TACO’s and our Sterile Leg Panel for $145.

Quick Reaction Chest Rig

High Speed Gear Quick Reaction Chest Rig3 Double Decker’s, 1 M3T med pouch, and our AO Chest Rig, gives you access to rifle mags, pistol mags and a medical kit in one quick-on set up. All for $250.

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