High Speed Gear, Inc. -Thanks to all of our Facebook fans to allow us to hit the 6,000 mark…… Now let the Contest begin!

Here’s a chance for “One” (1) Lucky HSGI FB Fan to win $761.00 worth of HSGI Gear. Rules are simple:
I just gave you the “Amount” of the cost of this HSGI gear, your job is to put a kit together that “EXACTLY” matches the already prepared “SEALED” Invoice which totals the amount of $761.00.

Entries will be submitted only by e-mail to: Contest@HSGI.US
Subject line: “Killer Contest”

One entry per day. Each day starts at midnight Eastern Standard Time. You may enter as many times you like, BUT only one entry per day.

Within this e-mail, you will try your Best to “EXACTLY” match the item and quantity at which are already listed on the prepared Invoice.

After you submit your e-mail entry, Post here on our HSGI FB page that you have done so. “DO NOT” identify your guess within the post.

Entries posted on FB will not be counted!!!!!!!!
Contest will run until the first person has provided the correct details of HSGI’s already prepared Invoice.

****No need to guess the color pattern. The winner will be allowed to pick the color of his or her choice.****

Only One (1) winner will be announced. Once winner is announced, all judging is final.

Good Luck and Thank you for your being a HSGI Fan!