Unfortunately, on today’s battlefield, sometimes you need more than bullets.

Tucked behind two side-by-side M4 mags is an ultra-thin and ultra-capable instant-access admin pocket that you can slap shut or close and secure. It’s sized to fit a standard Rite-in-the-Rain all-weather notebook and a larger than normal Battlemap.

“Instant Access” means that this pouch has gone through our OODASYS design process to ensure that this product reduces your heads-down time when you have to coordinate players on the battlefield. In other words, the 5.56 Admin Pouch helps keep your focus on the enemy — where it belongs.

Don’t let paperwork interfere with your mag changes.

Additional Features/Specs

-Two M4 Mag pouches
-3 rows of MOLLE
-Drop down tray with laminated Battlemap pocket
-3 pencil / grease-pencil webbing loops
-PDA / iPhone pocket
-Extra roomy Rite-in-the-Rain notebook pocket