Introducing | The new Hexmag Airsoft Systema PTW Magazine

Press release, 11 July 2016 Hong Kong – Hexmag was founded in 2013 by firearm enthusiasts seeking to create an AR Magazine with great features and they have succeeded with their goals. The Hexmag is an AR15 magazine utilising a patent pending design that provides a superior grip missing on other magazines in the industry. The Hexmag also features different coloured followers and magazine base retainers that allows easy separation of magazines with different sources of ammunition by the end-user of Hexmag.

Hexmag Systema PTW Magazine

Hexmag Airsoft seeks to bring the innovative Hexmag into the airsoft industry and is the sole manufacturer of licensed Hexmag products beginning in 2015. Currently, the Hexmag for airsoft AEGs have been a success in the market and Hexmag Airsoft is pleased to announce the premier of its Hexmag magazine for the Systema PTW systems.

The PTW airsoft Hexmag features an innovative design in line with the ethos of Hexmag itself. The internal magazine component rests on a spring-loaded system that allows a two-fold benefit.


 Spring-loaded system video 

Hexmag Airsoft PTW Magazine Demonstration

Posted by Hexmag_Airsoft on Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016


Firstly, the spring loaded system allows the internal feeding mechanism of the Hexmag to vary in height by 0.5mm (approximately 0.02 inches). This allows the Hexmag to feed in an optimal position in the various PTW systems found on the market today.

Secondly, the spring loaded system separates the internal feeding mechanism of the Hexmag from the outer shell of the magazine. This allows shock absorption by the magazine when dropped on hard surfaces and will prevent the shock from travelling throughout the internal feeding mechanism and damaging it in the process.


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Hexmag Systema PTW Magazine