Tactical Hoodies for your EDC needs

We at AMNB love to share good articles/reviews from friends in the industry and so is this one from Pine Survery. He covers some Helikon-Tex Hoodies for you in this review and we think, it´s worth a read if you´re addicted to this type of clothing. Enjoy the read.

Last year in Autumn, Helikon-Tex was kind enough to send me a huge care package of their Urban Line. Part of it were two of their hoodies. The “Urban Tactical Hoodie (Fullzip)” and the “Covert Tactical Hoodie (Fullzip)”. It took some time for me to make a decent review, because first the weather was quickly dropping to winter temperatures and then the whole Corona pandemic kept me from taking decent pictures in my usual spots.

After a while I decided to take some pics in the backyard and be done with it, since it really doesn’t matter, if you see the city behind me, or some fence.

So let’s get right to the overview and specs, before taking a closer look at both hoodies.

Read the full review >> pinesurvey.com/review-helikon-tex-tactical-hoodies