Helikon Tex


Direct Action Gear by Helikon-Tex

Helikon is teasering some Gear pictures on their new facebook page called DIRECT ACTION Gear. The Logo with the TRIDENT of this new brand from Helikon gives us some idea what kind of product quality series will be released.

As posted last week former US Navy SEAL Team Three and Polish JW GROM Members will be at Helikon-Tex Booth to present this new line. So stop at Hall 9 / 9-222.


Helikon Tex Direct Action


IWA 2014 Special Guests -Press Release

[ENG] Our special guests, during the IWA 2014 Show (Stand 9-222, Hall 9), will be operators from US Navy SEAL Team Three and Polish JW GROM. In cooperation with them we created a new product series – Direct Action