Helikon-Tex releases their Product Catalog for 2017.

Expectations and market requirements are changing at a tremendous speed. To stay ahead, you need to constantly monitor trends and it’s best to set them yourself. That’s why this year Helikon-Tex is spreading accents a little differently than previous years. You will find all the news in the catalog. Stay tuned for more!

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About Helikon-Tex
Over a decade since Helikon-Tex was established our business activity was mainly concentrated on military surplus sales. However, changing trends and market demand in the mid-nineties set a new development direction – in 1999 we decided to start our own military and paramilitary clothing production.

Our range is a proof that the decision was right– we are proud to offer you a wide range of uniforms, tactical clothing, backpacks, boots and equipment that have gained recognition among soldiers, policemen, law enforcement officers, survival and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

Helikon-Tex is a combination of professional employees and faithful end users who constantly motivate us to expand and modernize our products.

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