The MK24 Mod 0 Pistol is a premier compact for elite forces, cops and CCW! The HK45 Compact gives the SEALs a pistol that can be used with an IR laser in conjunction with night vision goggles and a suppressor with 10 rounds of .45 ACP, for the specialized roles that were intended for the MK 23.

It is in service with the SEAL team specifically tasked with counter-terrorism missions. This team uses several HK weapons systems (the HK416D carbine and MP7 SMG). Unlike the MK 23, the HK45 Compact can be stripped down and carried as a great concealable firearm for a personnel defense pistol when needed. In today’s world and our current conflicts, it’s a major asset for our special operations people to have firearms that work in a covert capacity. The HK45C has far greater capabilities because it not only fulfills the role of an assault or offensive pistol like the MK 23, but it can also fulfill the roles that are currently held by the excellent SIG P226 and P228s used by Naval Special Warfare sailors. The HK45C is not a replacement for the SIGs, but it does have the potential for that some day.

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