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Introducing the MH1 Reflex Red Dot Sight from Hartman, a new optics company located in Israel.

The MH1 ,Patent pending, is an advanced tactical red dot reflex sight. It has the largest
field of view through the sight which greatly improves target acquisition and situational
awareness. The MH1 was designed to maximize the user’s performance with a unique ambidextrous wireless IR PTT button (infra-red push to transmit) that controls activation and brightness of the reticle.

Hartman Mh1-4

The MH1 uses a shooter designed reticle which helps to maintain the weapon on a vertical
plane for more Accurate shooting using balancing lines at 3 & 9 o’clock and a centered red dot. Unique functions such as a USB charging port and unheard of user interface control makes the MH1 one of the most advanced and innovative reflex sights in the world at a very affordable price.

The MH1 offers the user a very different & efficient approach to battery consumption. The
sight uses 2 batteries;a wall socket/lighter USB rechargeable battery and a standard single backup CR123 battery, allowing for extended battery life and easy reachable access. This, along with our sleep mode and dual 30° motion sensors which only activates the sight when a shooting movement takes place (no accidental activation), makes MH1 a truly ingenious sight.

Hartman Mh1-2

The ergonomic design of the MH1 allows for ambidextrous use of the uniquely angled rear
activation buttons and easy access for the control panel, even when placed directly in front of add-on optical devices i.e. magnifier or Night Vision Device (NVD).

The MH1 is built to MIL-STD-810F and is waterproof up to 20ft. It is equipped with MILSTD. 1913 Picatinny /Weaver mounting system assembled on the right side of the sight to avoid accidental opening.

About Hartman LTD.

Hartman Ltd is a new and innovative optics company located in Israel. Our mission is to bring to the modern shooter the ultimate red dot reflex sight in order to meet the rigorous demands required by worldwide Armed forces, Law enforcement and sportsmen alike.

Our engineers and professional team use their extensive IDF end-user experience to create the next generation of optical sights that meets the changing demands of the modern user.

Hartman’s red dot reflex sight (MH1) combines all the true shooter’s needs, allowing accuracy improvement and reaction time reduction while introducing a unique and innovative, state of the art technology which cannot be found in the market today.


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