Introducing | The Hardpoint Equipment – Manticuda Gen 2 (MG2) Knife

The only knife with no learning curve. The Manticuda Gen 2 (MG2) doesn’t require years of training to use. Effective employment of a knife in a real combative situation (especially against a similarly armed attacker) generally requires proper mechanics and split second timing developed through countless hours of practice.


The MG2, with its simple and intuitive blade orientation and handle arrangement ends the fight now, with effectively no skill required. If you can pull a firearm, you can use the MG2. Simply draw and drive.

Introductory Pre-Order Price (for first production run) -$100 US Shipped (in the lower 48)!

It has been a long journey for this family of knives. The precision at which it was designed for the task at hand was unparalleled in the industry. Never before have so many forces been applied to a single point for the soul purpose of self-defense and the preservation of life.


Hard Point received a lot of feedback from the end users of the Manticuda VFK, and from fans. We’ve integrated the best of this feed back into an exceptional new design: The Manticuda Gen2 (MG2)


Every piece of Hard Point equipment solves a problem. The Manticuda Gen2 is no exception. The MG2 offers the user the same versatility, the same precision machining and the same timeless quality as the Manticuda VFK, with new features: Redesigned edge geometry, material, and price point. We worked very hard to bring our customers this problem solver at this price.

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