PIMP your PTW with the HAO M130 PTW Cylinder

If you run a PTW, I´m pretty sure you know about HAO already right? The name HAO stands for high quality PTW parts and have become a “thing” in the Systema world. In this short overview article, we highlight their M130 Cylinder which is not just a cylinder that comes with a different spring installed!

They enhanced the major parts inside the cylinder , which you could see by the following pictures; Rack, Hybrid Bumper, detent spring and the SWP-B Spring for the best performance.

Since their M150, M165+ still in developing , they’ve enhanced the rack to the best to fight with future monster springs. But, It’s quite tricky which we couldn’t just use the hardest material but have to keep the same hardness and little bit weaker than the gears from your gearbox.

SKD11 tool steel is the solution, they’ve used the same material to lathed Window breaker to equip Taiwanese law enforcement before. After heat treated to 50HRC, that’s 100% guarantee good to go with high torque springs.

Detent spring

The key pillar of the cylinder to fight with forces, since HAO’s Advanced Cylinder are using bearing thrust system , we have little space left then have to re-design & enhanced the detent spring to the limit; the strongest detent spring ever in the market which would not only make your Cylinder tight like virgin but also solve out your wobbly receivers.

Read the full product details at: www.haoptwart.com/M130-PTW-Cylinder