Introducing | The new Haley D3CR-H Chest Rig

Finally, it´s here! The new Haley Strategic Partners D3CR-H!!

It addresses the same mission as the original D3CR, but has been slightly redesigned to support .308 platforms.

Haley Strategic D3CR-H

Optimized for work in urban, vehicle, rural and other confined settings, the Disruptive Environment Chest Rig was built to be worn as a stand alone system with a detachable H-harness or clipped into a armor platform equipped with a quick release system.

Haley Strategic D3CR-H

When run as a stand alone, the platform is low profile enough to be worn fully loaded and not print on a normal/loose fit jacket or sweatshirt. When run on a armor platform with a quick release system, such as SwiftClips™, it can be attached or stowed in seconds, giving the end user the versatility to transition from low vis to high vis or vice versa.



Travis introduces the D3CR HEAVY! 


Grab yours here >>> http://www.haleystrategic.com/d3cr_h


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